Terms & Conditions of Use

for the website of medi1one medical gmbh, Steinbeisstraße 15, D-70736 Fellbach (hereinafter: medi1one):


I. Subject matter

1. Any use of the information offered on the website of medi1one shall be made pursuant to these Terms & Conditions of Use. This also applies to the use of information of third parties, insofar as medi1one is responsible for this.

2. Please note that users who call up the information in the domain www.medi1one.de and the information contained in the sub-pages have implied their willingness to comply with these Terms & Conditions of Use. If the user does not agree to the validity of these Terms & Conditions of Use, he/she must refrain from any use of the website of medi1one immediately. In this case, he/she is not entitled to use the services and information offered.

3. Conflicting regulations in the Terms & Conditions of Use of the user shall not be accepted. Any regulations deviating from these Terms & Conditions of Use require the approval of medi1one in text form.

4. Information within the meaning of these Terms & Conditions of Use refer to the layout of the website of medi1one, as well as all data available within the framework of the Internet offer of medi1one, in particular texts, images, sounds and software. This excludes orders of goods via the online shop of medi1one. Separate conditions apply for such orders.

II. Disclaimer


1. medi1one is not responsible for information referred to via hyperlinks. In accordance with the following provisions, medi1one is not obliged to check whether information on linked Internet sites violates the rights of third parties or are otherwise unlawful.

2. In the event that information referred to by medi1one via links violates the rights of the user, he/she is obliged to inform medi1one of this immediately in text form (e.g. by sending an email to info[at]medi1one.de), unless the violation of rights is evident when calling up the linked website.
3. medi1one shall remove the link to the website on which the unlawful information is offered, immediately after it has been informed about the unlawfulness. medi1one is entitled to investigate the unlawfulness within a reasonable period of time, generally within 14 days following receipt of notification as per II no. 2. If the information is evidently unlawful, the awareness of the facts establishing the unlawfulness shall suffice. Evidence of such awareness must be provided by the user affected.

4. medi1one hereby distances itself explicitly from any violation of rights by third parties. Every user is therefore requested to notify medi1one immediately of any infringing, in particular illegal, information offered on linked websites.

III. Copyright and related property rights

1. All the content provided on our website, including texts, images, graphic representation, audio and video files, are our property. As such, this content is protected by copyright and may only be used for private, i.e. not for public or commercial purposes (e.g. downloads, reproduction) without approval. Further rights of use shall only be granted with the express approval of medi1one. The approval must be made in electronic or written form.

2. Any unauthorized use or misuse of all registered trademarks or logos of medi1one medical gmbh is prohibited.

3. Insofar as information, photos and texts are protected by copyright or ancillary rights of third parties, the user is obliged not to violate these rights. In the case of infringement of such rights by the user, or at his/her instruction, the user releases medi1one from any third-party claims resulting. This also applies to claims for damages, unless the user is not responsible for the infringement of rights.

4. We draw your attention to the fact that a violation of our copyright and related property rights may incur consequences under civil and/or criminal law.
5. Mandatory exceptions to the need for approval in accordance with copyright law and the law pertaining to copyright of the works of fine art and photography remain unaffected. To this extent, the user is referred to the limitations of copyright according to Sections § 44a et seq. of the German Copyright Act (UrhG), e.g. to the right of temporary acts of reproduction without intrinsic commercial significance within the meaning of Section § 46a UrhG, or reproduction for personal use within the meaning of Section § 53 UrhG.

IV. Product presentation and product information

1. Please note that the products of medi1one portrayed and presented on the website are either company-own products or also trade goods.

2. The products presented may be subject to third party intellectual property rights. Insofar as intellectual property rights exist, the user is not entitled to infringe on these property rights (patent, trademark, design rights etc.) or to use the intellectual property without the express permission of the owner.

3. In the event of the infringement of such rights by the user or at his/her instruction, the user releases medi1one from all third-party claims that might arise. This also applies to claims for damages, unless the user is not responsible for the infringement of rights.

4. All information, descriptions and images of products on all the web pages of medi1one have been made available to the best of its knowledge and belief. medi1one assumes no liability or responsibility that the portrayed images and product information is accurate and up-to-date. To this extent, only the detailed information provided in the packaging information of medical product (package leaflets) is decisive.

5. This website is intended to provide general information and in no way replaces medical or professional advice. In this respect, we would ask you to consult the doctor or professional of your trust. medi1one does not assume any responsibility for actions taken on the basis of this website.

V. System integrity

1. The use of this website and the downloading of data occur at the user’s own risk. medi1one does not assume any responsibility for resulting damages, in particular to databases, hardware and/or software of the user.

2. The user is not entitled to use mechanisms, programmes or other routines that may disrupt the functionality of the website of medi1one. The user may not take any measures that could result in an unreasonable or excessive burden on the infrastructure of the Internet pages or the email system. In the event of violation against this, the user shall be fully liable for damages, in particular a loss of profit, unless the user is not responsible for the malfunction.


VI. Updates and amendments

Sections of the Terms & Conditions of Use may be amended or updated by us without informing you in advance. Please check the relevant data protection declaration before using our services, in order to remain up-to-date with regard to possible amendments or updates.



(Version: 25.05.2018)