Top quality builds on modern technology

Linking a powerful warehouse management system (WMS) with modern storage technology is the basis for fast, high-quality provision for our customers.


The WMS is responsible for managing goods and inventory levels from the moment goods arrive and are put into stock through to order picking and order combination in the dispatch area. Automated tray storage, mobile data capture devices and efficient order-picking procedures enable fast processing to be achieved with low fault tolerance.


It also ensures that it is possible to track goods all the way from arrival through to shipment to the customer. This also involves monitoring expirydates and the traceability

of product lot numbers and serial numbers.


This increases product safety and hence the quality of provision to the patient.

An overview of our technical equipment

  • Automated tray storage
  • Efficient warehouse management system
  • Paperless process management using mobile data capture devices
  • Order picking in two-shift operation
  • Multi-Order-Picking
  • Batch tracing
  • Serial number administration

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One of the storage units

Our technology partners

Kardex Deutschland GmbH is a leading supplier of automated retrieval systems for warehouses, operations and administration.

S&P Computersysteme GmbH has specialised in company-internal logistics solutions

for 25 years: warehouse management systems, order picking using mobile data capture, pick-by-voice/light, forklift guidance systems, fully-automated logistics centres.