Overview of services

We offer a logistics service to manage the entire supply chain process.


Purchasing, warehousing, order-related sorting, patient-specific order picking and direct dispatch to the patients are all elements of our comprehensive range of services.



The individual service modules in detail:




  • Ordering articles for stocking
  • Negotiating prices and terms



Incoming goods and taking into stock


  • Checking incoming goods
  • Booking incoming goods with documentation of Batch and serial numbers as well as expiry dates
  • Secure storage in automated storage systems
  • Inventory always up to date



Order picking and packing


  • Individual order make-up of care packages for patients
  • Customer logo on delivery note possible
  • Order processing of all orders received by 3:30 p.m.





  • Delivery to customer's storage facility
  • Direct delivery to patients
  • Parcel shipment tracking



Tracing and complaints


  • Batch tracing
  • Accepting and processing returned goods
  • Management of manufacturer recalls

What we offer
  • High level of supply capability
  • Flexible capacity to handle a large number of shipments per day
  • Expiry date monitoring
  • Transparency and documentation for customers
  • Confidential treatment of patient data

We promise our customers reliability, quality and absolute trustworthiness.