Guaranteed quality

in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485 for medical devices


As a certified wholesale company we ensure the high quality of our service. Customers in the specialist retail trade as well as medical devices manufacturers can depend on our provision of medical devices, which focuses on service and on meeting the highest standards of quality.


We have made professional and high-quality work part of our philosophy and we constantly endeavour to improve our quality management system, the effects of which can be seen particularly in the following fields:


  • Documentation and controlling
  • Batch number and serial number tracking
  • Joint product development with manufacturers
  • Internal audits
  • Market monitoring
  • Zero-defects policy
  • Professional complaints management system
  • Support for manufacturers in the event of any product recall


The "1" in our logo expresses the high standard of quality that we set ourselves.

We are always conscious in our actions that we share the responsibility for ensuring that patients receive the best possible supply.