Synergies are more successful (slogan is translated into english)

medi1one sees the classic hierarchical distribution channel via manufacturer-wholesaler-retailer as the common denominator

of equal partners. Even when partners have divergent positions, it is still possible to find an alignment of interests. The largest synergy potential exists when the partners focus on their own specific strengths. An appropriate division of responsibilities is a

large potential source of success. Our relationships depend on open communication and transparent business policies.

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Medical manufacturers

High-quality products that meet the needs of the market at fair prices form the basis of our work. medi1one gives unequivocal support and positive reinforcement to manufacturers who view specialist dealers as important market partners. We

actively accompany product launches, ensuring that innovative products quickly find the right target group.




medi1one developed from the conviction that the specialist medical retail trade will always enjoy a high share of the market irrespective of structural changes that may occur. This is where we as a specialist wholesaler can perform tasks more effectively and at a more favourable cost.


Specialist medical dealers

The strengths of specialist dealers are regional presence, existing networks and direct and comprehensive provision for patients. Whether medical supply shop, pharmacy or other service provider, all market partners have their own specific advantages in their particular context.